Who is seal currently dating

And with all of my busy work, it let my project fall to the way side.

But because I missed it so much, in 2014, I secretly started the journey of transforming it into a REAL LIFE 52 Lists Project JOURNAL!

It was suggested that as platoon LPO I take the op,, I flat turned it down because of Gene Tinnen and Curtis Williams,,, our J. The rest is too painful vto talk abour,, But peapol ask, "How Are you ???

I always reply,,"Glad to be alive"ses Marquez Kilo Plt Sea Float, 69..

A few of the list prompts from the original online list are scattered through the journal, but most of the lists in the journal are fresh and new, ready for you to make your own :) COMMUNITY: I am SO excited to see how you make this project your own, finding new life, joy, and strength as you work your way through the lists!

Use the hashtag #52Lists Project on Instagram and across social media so we can all link up and see what new insight each of us is discovering through our journeys.

UDT-12 Corpsman Doc Beaver UDTRA class 29 training dive.. The VN hugging Mone,, Duck, KIA'ed as point man on a brake in op,, when LTJG Dave (it will come to me),, KIA'ed on a brake in op,, I as LPO refused to take the brake in op as it sounded just like a Jean Tinnen op where my good friend CCurtis Williams almost went down as well..

I'mv looking on my past e-mails for your posting address,, I'm sending you a CD,, Go off by yourself and listen to it,, Try not to cry; Doc; Not sure who the diver on the safety line is, although I took the photo while using a diesel boats services to conduct lock in and outs for FNG's,, I was SM!

,,, UDT-12 Doc.."Don't spemd too much time on the shitter or a mortor will get you, Don't remember name. Sorry about that Doc,, I hit the wrong key and lost it all,,, VN's are Duck and Moanie,, ex-field grade capt VC,, worked with Kilo platoon,, was kia on brake in op.. Shortly after insurtition the two platoons encircled each other and took each other under fire..

But both parts make up who I am.”Just a little more than a year ago, Donald Trump carried the support of many in the LGBTQ community during his bid for the presidency.

But just this morning, he dealt a devastating blow to those same people and guaranteed that the word “ally” will never be attached to his name or title again.

Bruton ships Capt & Crew on The King og Tongas 50th Birthday... I traveled to Mother England to meet past owners of Armorel,, Got invited to The Royal London Yacht Club on Cows Day by Lady Heath and met Big Ears HRH himself who was the Comodor of the RLYC...

I've had a good time of it because of Armorel,,, She was once owned by Glenn Yraghboure of the lime lighters,,, His first boat.. My son's God Father, Frank Blackstons had it made for us.

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I'm Moorea Seal, the author of the 52 Lists Project and founder of popular shopping site and I'm so excited to share this project with you!

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